Poems by
Mitwa Mankodi

The Stone with a beating heart…

a poem by Mitwa Mankodi

Zillions of years back
found in the lap of mother earth
a pebble like stone
made of carbon
with size and shape of all kinds
made its journey way back through
right till the open door of a Human’s heart…

Its sparkle emitting its trademark brilliance
and fire flash like a rainbow colour,
was just like a twinkle in a mother’s eye
oozing love and life all for her daughter’s smile…

It’s cut and shape are so formed
so as to have excellent symmetry
by the perfect reflection and refraction
of the nature’s rays
just as a lover’s true love
shimmers down in his heartthrob’s conscience…
promising her
all the unsaid words of silence
committing her
the enclosure of his wide ocean of love
…till eternity

A Diamond speaks volumes of Humanity
denotes purity
conveys harmony
it is there in every living being
it is seen in every true painful tear
but yet it is to be felt
by every you
and by every me…
‘coz its true presence needs to be explored
for which one has to just bend his head
look down in his soul
feel its beat
and thus to be like it just like a reflection…
as it is the stone which has a beating heart
for all of us to know and understand.