Poems by
Mitwa Mankodi

One and all they come to you…

a poem by Mitwa Mankodi

O! Lord, they all come to you
for seeking happiness in the rain
to learn to accept the sorrow for their pain
knowing that the mere prayer will satisfy them…
…to reach out to you.

O! Lord, they all come to you
for their tomorrow to grow and prosper
… for their yesterday to wither
knowing that he loves those
you live for their today
and create for their tomorrow.

O! God, they all come to you
to recognise their inner being
to recognise themselves
and thereby to remain themselves…
…to love thyself forever.

O! God, they all come to you
for gaining strength for their
endless weaknesses
and thereby to nurture their
hidden limitless self-strength…
…deep down in their souls in the form of YOU… my Lord!

O! Almighty, they all come to you
for their questions to be answered
so that they can answer themselves…
…and thereby to never raise questions about the ultimate truth
about your existence… my Lord!

O! Almighty,
every being believing in you
come to you…
every being in pain
seek you for their relief
every being doing wrong….
…knowingly or unknowingly
depend on you for your forgiveness.

Your creations
have always pinned for you
have always lived for you…
God! please forgive them
for sometimes they don’t know
what they do…
but they do know thyself…

answer their prayers
heal their wounds
teach them to know themselves
give them the strength to always
believe in you.
One and all your creations
come to you…
I, a mere creation of yours
come to you for all those who
…need you
…believe in you.
My prayers will always be for
those who pray to you.