Poems by
Mitu Mehrotra


a poem by Mitu Mehrotra

I pretend to be weak and fragile,
I am famous for my beauty and style.
I am gifted with beauty and brains,
No matter what they think, but no one can bind me with chains.

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother,
It’s me who holds the relation’s chain together.
Love around the world is what I scatter,
Difficult situations make me strive harder.

I bear pain and bring new life to the world,
Within my fist world’s destiny is what I hold.
Part of this world in knave to treat me as a commodity to be sold,
This is what they should be told.
If I am the creator, I can also be the destroyer.
For God himself has bestowed me with such power.
My work does not get hampered by thunder, rain and sun,
Because I am a woman.