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Tears of my eyes

a poem by Meenakshi

Tears of my eyes says it all, when it falls.
May be you don’t understand or probably pretend not to understand.
Things are clear and terms are set,
Though I am the one who said that cannot believe you anymore,
Though I am the one who said that I cannot be yours ever.
I was so wrong when I said this all,
But you were never a fool.
Then why you left me loose and allowed me go,
Why didn’t you scream on me and slapped my face tight?
Why you pretended to be so heartless and so cold,
Why didn’t you call me back

Time is so mean, it changed so fast,
I want to live my whole life in those days when we were together,
Nothing was missing from life,
It was all fun, I knew you to be there all the time to hold me,
To support me, to laugh on my jokes.
To make me cry sometimes, to make me smile the other moment.
Those places which we seen together, those things that we did together.
What took it all away from me, that ugly moment,
I curse myself for not trusting you enough.