The Red Rose Inside My Diary

a poem by Saima Afreen

Like a shy bud hidden
Amidst verdurous leaves
Ne’er was my heart laden
With anything that heaven gives
That can fill a maiden’s eyes with glitterin’ views.

As Time slowly kept on flyin’
Quietly passed on my days,
While my heart-bud was dyin’
Slowly on it shone rays
Glistening from some distant object looking like cosmic fays.

Neither from the sun came this light
Nor from the silver moon;
A crimson rose gave this light
That for my heart was a boon;
The red rose emanated fragrance so sweet that it made me swoon.

Inside my diary I put the rose
To smell its sweet fragrance
That every morning arose;
Deeply enamoured by its innocence
Maddeningly I’d turn the pages to catch its lovely glance.

Passed days and passed nights
But ne’er drooped the red rose;
No more attracted me other sights
So much to it I became close
That ne’er thought I to move, sing, drink or simply doze.

Lookin’ fresh everyday
Redder the rose grew
And I was much gay
Pourin’ drops of dew
Of my heart-blood in it, experiencing something known to few.

With oozing of my heart-blood
In my soul death’ll seep
But I am much glad
That my heart-blood’ll peep
Forever from the eternal red rose, while under dust I sleep.