Poems by
Mathew K N


a poem by Mathew K N

Are we going to lose our identity in the near future?
As we will be known by some addresses, codes or bars;
In the modern world, everything has become mechanical,
Machines are now being our extra limbs, we mere slaves.

We are becoming more and more idle, a lot of spare time,
Not knowing what to do with the extra time we get,
More leisure, more pleasure and all the more lazy;
Machines became our masters, with their magical wands.

We had good names, pet names given by our dear ones,
We lost it as now we are in a website, a spider’s web;
Known as www.anonymous.com or www.foolwail.com,
Being called as @coldmail.com; @oho.com or @haha.com.

Though some may call it a giant leap for the mankind,
Me thinks, it’s something like cloning, a “cursed boon”,
Injecting the mechanical blood to lose the real being,
Dancing like puppets in the hands of fate and addiction.

God may be smiling at His children’s triumphs,
And asking himself – Where are they to?