Poems by
Mathew Cherian


a poem by Mathew Cherian

When the howling darkness of the midnight,
Paved way for the Sun to sketch its lucid art
Of the early dawn on the far eastern sky
I spotted a lass amidst the crowd

Down the aisle when our eyes knotted
My heart couldn’t contain her
For her beauty blinded my eyes
As she passed besides me
With a sweet splendour smile

Then when the off-season rain
Splashed golden showers on
My sleepy eyes to clear off the mist
I was awoken from a long slept dream.

Over the horizon there stood
A beautiful rainbow radiant
In all colours a man can fantasise
Exposing the nudity of a virgin sky.

When I rose to kiss her
The morning birds tuned the music
And the church bells rang
The whole nature witnessed my love.