Poems by
Manu Kalra

Will I get my old friend back?

a poem by Manu Kalra

Lost in my own world I am writing this rhyme,
remembering him remembering days and the changed time.
It was being difficult for each day to pass,
and his attitude towards me changed me to lass.
Earlier I use to share every thought of mine,
but now without him I feel even sun has lost his shine.
Long ago we sat together,
now he is busy but have time for others.
Talking to him I never felt shy,
but now from my life that time has fly.
Back we use to pass each other a smile,
these days he don’t even bother to dial.
Time has passed when we together had a meal,
now when I am hungry he don’t even feel.
A year ago he accepted me as his like,
but today in my mind this empty thought just strike.
He thought that I was not loyal to him,
and may be this doubt was turning our friendship light to dim.
May be the lack of communication between us,
was the major cause of all this fuss.
Whatever may be the reason but this truth is sure,
that he was not my friend as he was before.
Now the happiness in my life just lack,
and a question arises