Happiness in Life – II

a poem by Ramesh T A

The cause for crimes is ignorance of self,
Lack of love for work and faith in one’s skill!
Education imparts knowledge but not curiosity
To know truth and love to do duty as to one’s will!

Work many do for money, some for fulfilling
Ambition but few for spiritual satisfaction!
Politicians and business men belong to the first,
Professionals to the second but poets to the third!

Money minded job doers underestimate spiritualists
But professionals simply tell tricksters to go to dogs!
For, great empires and small minds go ill together as
Asses or swains know not the value of morals or pearls!

It may look easier to sing a lovely song than to sew a cloth;
Talent is needed to sing rather than a few days’ drill to sew.
It may look easier to draw a picture than to draw well water;
Genius is needed to draw rather than strength to draw water.

It is easy to destroy a rare species in the world
But impossible to create one alive in Nature!
For, it is easier to kill a bird of our choice
Than to create a bird to fly freely in the sky!

Yes! Skilful men do what is impossible by ordinary men!
And geniuses do what is impossible by talented guys!
But only God can do what is impossible by geniuses!
This is the open secret in Nature nobody knows at first!

The abilities of different persons cannot be compared;
Each one has got one’s own value waiting to be realised
And used effectively to achieve best result in one’s field
That is the secret of success to express oneself in life!

Knowledge of Self, World, Nature and Universe is needed
And by deep meditation one can see the vision of life
To fix one’s ambition, the driving force of life in the world
And to achieve the best things successfully in life!

Happiness in life is what Nature and religion preach;
It is we who defy natural laws and bring woes to all
And suffer in the world with wars, violence and die.
So, let us not forget happiness is in our hands only!