Poems by
Manish Tembhurkar

Last Conversation

a poem by Manish Tembhurkar

Boy : “What I did for four years?
     With Broadened Gates and white Pillars!”
     Shaking my Head I move ahead,
     Carrying the eyes of empty tears.

IT : Stop! The IT said,
     I gave my name to give you fame.

Boy : “The fame of everlasting stain!
     In the society of Bread for the sane.”
     I turned my head on silly phrase,
     Gave a smile and walk for a while.

IT : “I opened the books and workshop booth
     To acquaint you with the technical truth.”

Boy : Suddenly listening the library silence and lab work assignments,
     Fulled my nerves with the handy confidence.
     “I learned things with practical sense,
     But have I focused any Innovative lens.”

IT : “I picked the gems, to make your friends
     And gave the reasons, to gather on occasions.”

Boy : Thrilled with the fulled nerves,
     Grilled with the friendship curves.
     “In reminiscences I found the Gossips, the emotional affair,
     And the life facing advises, which a friend could only dare.”

IT : “I gave you teachers and a master preacher,
     To teach you every path, to pave in life.”

Boy : I stand silent, to think its meaning,
     Then stepped proud, with heartbeats raised.
     “Your great teachings and your great preachings,
     Your principles and ideals really a guide.”

IT : “I gave you thoughts and perception to think,
     A spiritual technique to logically link,
     Fight out the troubles, fierce and brave,
     Aim your goals day and night,
     And prove my glorious birth and might.”

Boy : I nod my head and move ahead,
     Carrying the benign wishes of our IT.
     Leaving a drop of salty water,
     Which whispered “Good bye My Alma Matar.”