Alma Mater

a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

O My Alma Mater glitters as lore splendid
Mellow mentor, lure deity of gaiety placid,
Seminary beholds lucid deeds of boyhood
So my heart reacts as buoyant harp indeed.

Incites redundant teens to redolent pedants
Showers solace on souls, the student stunts,
Academy averts sable scans epoch twilight
Spell of shrills and yells tells era of delight.

Teachers bless credible wisdom to taughts
Holding canes suave to feed sane thoughts,
Tackle the disciples, alike village preacher
Impart erudition endless just the preceptor.

Old student guild pats allay allies all alleys
And bind pal-cluster to ruminate yore days,
Yore slender-tender kids now adult-exulted
We, let as wards, award to Minerva exalted.