Poems by
Manas Bapat

Life without Colour

a poem by Manas Bapat

I was thinking, one fine day,
about colours, so bright and gay.
When my thoughts strayed to, ‘what,
life would be without colours,’ I thought.

Life would be sad and boring,
Unexciting and monotonous too.
The trees without their dark greens,
and the sea without it’s deep blue.

Imagine the skies that loom above,
without their array of colours,
and the flowers can’t be thought of,
without their palette of colours.

Butterflies fluttering around without colours,
would seem like moth darting about.
I don’t think I can think,
of colourless turbots and trouts.

Life without colours would be a dud,
almost as bad as dirty mud.

I hope there will not be a day,
when we will have to live
the ‘black and white’ way!