Poems by
Mahua Roy

Dear Teacher…

a poem by Mahua Roy

You have given my life a meaning,
You have given me a reason to live;
You have given me love, support and care,
You have only learnt to give.

When I was alone in the dark,
With no one standing by me;
You came along with a light
And lightened the path to see.

When I was sad, distressed and disturbed,
With no one so near;
You just waved your hand upon my head,
This only gesture stopped my tears.

When I laughed you laughed with me,
When I cried you cried;
Gradually, you became a part of my life
From you, nothing I could hide.

You defined both- Motherhood and Friendship,
You paved my path of Future;
This way, you made me understand that,
‘There is no one like a Teacher’.

My love for you Dear Teacher
Is deeper than the seven seas;
My eyes vibrantly reflect this love
For you to clearly see.

We had to part someday or the other,
And that day is near;
The more I want to greet it with smiles,
The more gush my tears.

I silently confess today
With my eyes wet;
I am really incomplete without you,
You, I can never forget!