Poems by
Mahalakshmi Ram


a poem by Mahalakshmi Ram

When inspiration strikes
Like a flash of lightning to illuminate the mind
A thousand thoughts spring up
Like little, wild mushrooms to fill the head.
The heart nurtures them
In the warmth of its chambers
And sends them
Out into the world christened as Feelings.

Feelings are magical glasses that
Show at once a riot of colours.
Wear them on and
See the various hues in the mind’s eye
Because life is not all black and white
For those who wear their heart over their head.

Journeying from the greenhorn’s
Rosy picture of life
To the silver-haired’s grey existence
Stop by the various shades and
Take a peek into the kaleidoscope of Feelings
That sum up to make or break your life.

If deep into the blues
Get out to paint the town red.
From being browned off
Become keen as mustard.
When in the red
Strive to move up to be in the black.
Go purple with rage only if
You can be tickled pink.
Drive out the green-eyed monster
And value the heart of gold.

Strange this may seem but true it is-
Feelings made for the heart by the heart
Are the ones that break the heart.
If strange are Feelings
Then strange will be the ways of the world
That holds these Feelings.