Poems by
Madan Mohan

Lovely Red Rose

a poem by Madan Mohan

In the scorching sun,
Ruthless and relentless,
I didst beg for respite,
From the heat tireless.

It was then that thy,
Divine fragrance,
My insatiable thirst,
Didst satisfy.

Enthralled was I,
By the glorious sight,
Of thy countless petals,
And leaves that with the breeze fly.

Try as I might,
I canst not resist,
Thy glorious dance-
Hither and thither, hither and thither.

And yet, my beauty,
Thou really dost blush,
When I gaze at thee,
Thy cheeks swellst red.

O red rose,
Lovely red rose,
Afraid canst thank thee,
Only in inarticulate words.

Thou have quenched my thirst,
Thou have given me joy,
Thou have been the first,
To befriend the heart of mine.