The Rain

a poem by Shraddha Arjun

A sudden change from the shimmering heat;
A treat – the best treat!
As I sit to pen this song I have no words, I am spell bound,
to describe the lovely rain,
and keep track of what I am saying!

Trickles of water down the street,
widen and tributaries meet.
I reach the heavens when the rain drop touches my feet!
Slight shivers of joy and cold,
My hidden desires just unfold,
I wander with my eyes closed, hands
open wide walking on my toes.
I enjoy the cool refreshing breeze,
And hop and trot and go around the trees.

Hmm… the sweet scent of wet soil induces me even more
to feel the bliss of living my life than ever before,
and every now and then I pray,
that this moment should forever stay
this divine rain must not go away.

I look around as people rush,
push through each other and make such a fuss!
Oh! its just the rain drops of water pure,
You might fall sick, but wouldn’t be upset for sure.

And I see two little boys, jumping on muddy puddles
on the road,
playing with frogs, chasing the fragile toad.
It makes me yearn to be a child again,
and play clueless in the rain.

Now the trees rise up in joy,
Appearing to be the greenest green,
And sweet birds with their mystical wings,
add colour to this scintillating scene.

I stare at the coy couples stroll
under the single umbrellas hold,
and give myself a silly grin

I walk about the meadows all damp with rain drops
Resting on tall grass like dew
And wonder how small pleasure can refresh you

And I hum my favorite song
I reach home drenched in my evening gown
And then remember what my mother had said,
Not to get wet in the rain get home instead!

I stealthily slip into my room, and get my dress changed soon,
Yet look out of the window side,
My emotions rise up like the tides,

I wish I were out in the rain again,
I stand and admire with eyes dry and stretch my palm further out,
To reach rain drops beyond the pane!

Beauty unmatched, bliss untold,
A gift of nature what charm it beholds!

If I were born again, I shall want to be a girl again,
Just to get wet again, but for now
I shall wait for dark clouds
as they pour on dry lands with all their strength,
and then try in vain,
to comprehend the rhythm of the rain…