Poems by
Leleena Subhadarshini

So called independence

a poem by Leleena Subhadarshini

Today only I met this woman
wearing a broad specs blinking
her eyes underneath that says
many things, words those left unspoken
carrying a volcano inside her
still suppressing it as she knows
once it bursts out it’ll just burn
everything into grey matter
pretending to be contend
she describes herself as cool, calm,
quite understanding though
situations are against her
yet she’s not complaining,
willing to take all burdens of
her better half bearing all
his egos, his temperament
a typical Indian wife
but is it really necessary
that always a woman should
understand, adjust, sacrifice,
forgetting her identity, her desires,
her freedom
just to prove that she belongs
to a country of values, ethics
which is still imprisoned
with fake morals, traditions
even after 57 years of
so called independence!