Poems by
Lakshmi C

Do not discriminate

a poem by Lakshmi C

Dear Teacher,
We are just the same
yes, we did not earn more fame
I believe we are equals
but ‘We’ never made better deals
‘They’ are the apples of everyone’s eyes
‘They’ are the ones who leave gasping sighs
but normal human emotions they hardly ever feel
we work day in and out
but you still like them a little lot
we are the ones who need a little support
but you still give them a better note
you give them the chance and expect the best
when they win you forget us- the rest
when they don’t you instill in them zest
we don’t ask for praises
we don’t ask for laurels
we don’t ask for opportunities
for we believe god will provide us more
we don’t ask you time
for we have lots more
but what you ought to know
is that if we want to we can show
the best of our best
and outpast the rest
bring home pride
but it is you people who hide
the me in me, the we in we
we want equality and love.
Will you give it to us now?