Poems by
Lakshmi B


a poem by Lakshmi B

Armstrong proudly declared
This is the Giant step of mankind
When he landed in the moon
Decadence of the mankind begins
When the Atom bomb invented
Science is growing us
In both ends.

Man is behind the Religion
Religious fundamentalist sectarianize the mankind
The mankind is yet to overcome this nightmare and stalemate
Man is loosing his kind
Because of his Religious mind
Allow the Religion
To aspire the peace

Mankind should make the world
With Armless people of harmless community
Refugeless world with refined thoughts.
Globalized Economy and Globalized Terrorism
Sailing in the same speed.

This is the opt time
To adopt and accept.
The idealism of Gandhian policies
As the service to mankind

Peace and compromise is our almighty
Humanity should combine all community
These should be our manifesto
Before we serve the mankind.