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Virgin forests sinner men

a poem by Lakshman

A friend is available,
I call him from a distance,
He gives me an accepting glance,
It is for a cup of tea.
We don’t know if it has any effect,
Just that it’s perfect,
To get over your sleep,
And celebrate,
Then the feelings elevate.
We move to the chairs by the side of the forest,
The tea shop by its side inviting.
We order for two hot cups
Each cup of eight sips,
Then I notice the forests, green,
They are undisturbed,
I perturbed,
My inside too never seen,
Like the heart of the forest.
Sounds throng from everywhere,
As if welcoming me for a visit
But I just sit,
For the job outside is calling all the time
There’s no freedom to cross the boundaries,
The noisy to the silent one,
Sometimes noise is just exaggerated silence.