Poems by
Krishnaswamy S R

Baby Aastha – Hope of a Billion

a poem by Krishnaswamy S R

You seem to be born with
Hair plenty, baby Aastha Arora!

Kisses from us are for you — we
Yearned to plant one for every 70,000
Babies that see the world this day, but
Thousands are for you.You are a symbol.
Oh, we don’t want to see pain
In your face, disease in disposition!

Will you curtail your thick hair growth later
Anxiety of our elders ticks on apprehension–
To forget the beauty o’ women resembling
Of yore? Would you Aastha, see India past the
Millennium, more (of) Hindus, Muslims, Christians,
Others in accepting cogency?

Or, live as a witness to India’s
Millions fed, cover’d in person and from
Weather, aliens in perennial frequency?
With you well in philo towards fellow
Beings, surrender unto God and serving
Gnana with purity in conscience?

We hope, longing for that girl,
Are you that, when males are inspired by,
To sublimate their passions unto evolve
And terminate attachment to the birth-cycle?
Or, as a whole, Aastha be the very
Hope-essence of we, the Indians billion.