Poems by
Krishnakumar S

Wishful Thinking

a poem by Krishnakumar S

I wish I was Helios, driving my fiery chariot across the skies
I wish I was the angel that unfolds the bejeweled carpet and brings slumber to all eyes
I wish I was the night owl, the sentinel when Chaos steals on us, cloaked by the night
I wish I was a flower that I might taste of the morning dew
I wish I was the vast sea, my green waters by the sun illum’d
I wish I was the bird of dawning, ending the reign of darkness when the first light touches my plumes
I wish I was a bar of gold, what man would profess to be my foe
I wish I was the king’s crown, within me will treachery and all things vile hold their court
I wish I was a mirror, that I might show the flatterer his motley coat
I wish I was a lover, heaving doleful sighs, composing sonnets by the moonlight
I wish I was a shepherd, my bed the sweet earth, my roof the bounteous skies
I wish I was a warrior, wreathed in laurels and blessed by the heavens, once upon a time
I wish I had a foolish wit, then would I never know the thoughtful melancholy of the wise
I wish all my wishes be granted, but yet I know I will remain unsatisfied
If wishes were as roses be, would not their cankers be as many
The more we get, for the more we crave, evermore will we be Lady Fortune’s knaves