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The finding of…

a poem by Kreg

Falling, falling deeper and deeper
Grasping, grasping at the air
Rushing beside you, air
Inhale exhale, inhale exhale
How many more times, anymore?
Is this the last?
Is this the first?
Escape, escape is it feasible?
Falling, crushing, lungs, dying
The light so bright, so shinning
Is this the end, is this heaven?
Or am I asleep from the
Hours of falling, dying, grasping

Falling, falling lower and lower
Gasping, gasping for the air
Rushing beside you, air
Inhale, pain, fire, rot
Exhale, hurt, burn, cold
Is that the last?
No one more time?
The light has failed
Darkness, blindness, ending?
How can this be?
This is not the ending
Wasted time during the
Hours of falling, dying, gasping

The light has relit
A match thrown upon a torch
Flaming, higher, bright, better
With each layer it burns away
Brighter, no longer dimming
This is not the end
This is the new beginning
This is the end of the old
Waking, realizing, piecing together
This puzzle of confusion
This mass of jumbled objects
To be sorted, arranged, organized
No longer to fail or let down.