Poems by
Kavitha Mohan

Silent Touch

a poem by Kavitha Mohan

My ears I strained, did I hear a knock?
Oh! There it was again, did I hear someone’s call?
My eyes peered, did I see someone coming?
I turned the door knob,
I was sure she had come.
The door opened slowly
And I looked out expectantly,
But, what did I behold?

The same sight as before,
A lonely emptiness was all I saw,
With no one there, Oh! no one at all.
The sounds I heard, the sight I saw
Were in my imagination.
Nothing real at all.
The wind blew as gently as before,
Soothing my heart, brushing my brow
As if to say “Don’t look a picture of woe”
The trees nodded their heads in company
As if singing to me a lullaby.
The stars they seemed to me winking,
In their naughty mood they were twinkling.
The moon peeped out to say “hello!”
There is more to the world than sorrow.
Whether a man is alone or in company
Life does not stretch to infinity.
Everyone is a stranger here
But some become close and dear,
Life is short, everyone lives it,
Some enjoy it, some just spend it.