Poems by
Kavitha Mohan

Just Being Me

a poem by Kavitha Mohan

He came into my life like any other person,
but somewhere a chord was struck
and a sure of feeling suddenly seemed to surface.
And we found ourselves talking more, laughing more and feeling more.

He doesn’t take me to the top of the world,
but ensures that my feet remain firmly on the ground.
He doesn’t make me feel lonely
and he certainly brings out the best in me.

He never says ‘I care the world about you’;
but his helping hand is always there when I need it.
He doesn’t promise me the stars of heaven;
but I know he would travel a thousand miles to be with me.

With him there are no dos and don’ts,
‘cause he accepts me as I am.’
With all my shortcomings and flaws
with him I can be just ME.