Poems by
Karuppiah D Dr.

Elephant Emperor

a poem by Karuppiah D Dr.

There was a tall sturdy majestic wild elephant;
It had a pair of long, curved shiny ivory tusks.
Like an Emperor, it was leading the herds, with triumphant.
It never lived, under the cover of thick green tree masks.

That scene was seen by a wild, cunning, wily hunter.
That miserly, greedy, coward planned to capture that elephant.
He dug a stygian pit, as a trap, during rain and thunder.
Like children two calf elephants innocently began to fight.

Into that deadly pit, one calf elephant, during the fight, fell.
It began to raise hue and cry and was sadly trumpeting.
Like the General, the leader ran to save, but it also fell into the hell.
The hunter’s thirst for money was quenched and he was dancing.

The leader was murdered for its ivory tusks, which were bigger.
Now in the city, the calf elephant, is led from shop to shop, like a beggar.