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Twin Tale

a poem by Kalpana

Oh woman! You have got the power,
to touch the highest tower, unlike me the little flower.

Jealous did I grow, on seeing you glow,
but little did I know, of the hardships you undergo.

As an uncared little seed, I was awed at the life you lead,
until I found, you were in need, of more help indeed.

Moments after I’m sown, at times I’m unnaturally torn,
while there are many to mourn, minutes after you’re born.

As a little sapling, I’m damaged on excess dampening,
while on your upbringing, you’re besieged with certain happenings.

As I grow and blossom, I become a part of all custom,
while you’re forced to accustom, to comply with our social system.

As beauty and fragrance, accompany our radiance,
we with perseverance, overcome every grievance.

We have no luck, when we are pluck,
and are struck, for a few bucks.

Now we make a nice pair, for a lot in common we share,
but we’re not spared, for whatever we’ve dared.

There are so many, to save us both, honey,
but do we need so many, if problems we have at all any.

You have a long way to go, carrying on your woes,
but I come and go, for a small show.

Though we make a great pair, I’m now aware,
that you’re taken care, in cases utmost rare.

With this, my jealously flew, and no more grew,
and now to be really true, I’m better of than you.