Poems by
Judah Jebadas

Dark Candle

a poem by Judah Jebadas

Deep down the dreary distance, a dark candle travails
Devoid of radiance, mulls a ruddy flame
Splashes no spectrum white but sparks red untame;
Stifled to see the flailing flames lose its trails,
Stutter I “Do, do something now that avails”
Alas! Where has gone that illuminated fame?
Tell me, Why have the fleeting rays fallen lame?
‘To shine or not to shine’ the question prevails.

Has darkness covered His mercy with a pall
Or walls of gall stall his wrath from those who maul
Such spurious probes flash by this spartan mind
When a still soul whispers- I listen and find
How I ditched His love, banged the door and screamed ‘Stay Out!’.
See, Tis been too long the Love is waiting out.