Poems by
Juanita Newnes

Who am I?

a poem by Juanita Newnes

Bent beneath a burden
Struggling to stand tall
The colour of blood
And storm clouds
And snow
Teddy bears and nicotine
That’s me.

Daydreams and angels
Hard cold truth
Each side clashes
With what the other holds good
The reflection in the mirror
Frowns back at me
What then do I see?
Myriad images
That can only be me.

Turning away
From all that I love
To soothe an ego
Too big
For a body so small
Everyone’s dreamgirl
Locked inside
An insecure mess
Called me.

Harmless and kind
In soul and in mind
An ageless body
Seems to be mine
All around me
Love surrounding
A figment
Of God’s imagination
That luckily once
Became me.

Purple clouds and misty air
Dark poetry and coloured hair
Blazing heat
And icy cold
Mule-headed, pig-headed,
Stubborn dolt
A warmth that can envelop
A heart that can melt
A soul never broken
But badly bent.

Who am I? Who am I?
Do I need to know?
When I see it all so clearly
In your eyes.