Are you stuck??

a poem by Priyanka Thakkar

Come let’s experience it
Come let’s face it
Touch it, feel it
Live it, breath it…

Why are you so blank?
Do you know what it is to take a stand?
True, it is abstract and blurred
But don’t you get stirred?

Do what you want
Life is no bond
Don’t miss a chance
Yes, it’s a trance…

Do you not get it?
We are living in a pit
It’s dirty and deep
It’s not worth to just have a peep…

Come out of this grave
Don’t be a slave
Live on your own terms
Do you know what lies in the next turn?

Don’t move fast
Wait for the moment to last
Do it with passion
Because it’s a matter of impression…

Days go by and we stay this way
Let’s do something different every single day
Don’t just sit and whine
Because there is no time…

Am I shrewd?
Or is it something else that you brood?
Wake up and hear the call
He is there if you fall…

Enough of me blabbering
Let’s save the world from shattering
I believe there is a light
Do you see it shining so bright??