Poems by
Joy Mary

Tribute to an unflagging spirit

a poem by Joy Mary

Five years… its been
Long and tortuous
With only darkness
As my sole companion
In a journey
That saw no light…
That saw no end.

A journey from the abyss,
I had fallen into
In the naivety
Of fleeting juvenile feelings.

A swift fall
Yet a slow and painful realisation
Of a folly
That could never be wiped off
From this slate of life.
A fall
I lost Myself,
My all…
The Me I knew
No longer existed.
I had died,
Never to come back

For I was
Choked by loneliness,
Outcaste by society,
Evaded by friends
And left alone amidst the shards of my broken dreams.
With only tears for my food
And a million deaths
I died in my time of agony,
Some weak will
Arose… and fought within me.
To live.
To survive.
To go ahead in life.
And so
Began the chrysalis,
To life…
A life whose face I dreaded
With all its harshness…

And so began
The rise from the ashes of my dreams.
Its been 5 long years since,
The rise has not been in vain
For the sun has dawned
On the horizon of my life…
And I see for once…
The light at the end of this journey…
And I see
The Me I once was
I once lost
And I have found back with much pain.
The Me I hope to Be
To remain as…

A tribute…
To my spirit and the one above…
For the weak will
That arose within
And held me on….
To script a new Chapter of my life!!!