Heavenly Realm

a poem by Priya Mouli

Oh what is this life,
If full of strife?
At school, we used to say,
Till we found a brighter day

Into college we entered,
No longer were we perturbed:
Being, the first taste of joy.
Not anymore were we coy,
With experiences galore,
We couldn’t ask for more!

With the freedom of a dove
Or was it even above?

When life without cells,
Or colourful apparel,
Movies, picnics, dates,
Or classmates,
Would be a desert indeed!

Also, this is where we pull out the weed:
Hard and soft skills we sow,
And watch them grow
Finally, it’s the questions debating,
With corporates anticipating,
To absorb us into their world

While it’s time to tearfully bid farewell,
As we roll the dice,
To this Land of Paradise!