Poems by
Johnny Varghese

The corner

a poem by Johnny Varghese

To be frank,
what all feel,
that all places,
all roads,
all paths and tracks,
has a point in the centre,
in the start,
and right there in the corner.

Well in “the corner”,
of all the paths and places,
that I have traversed,
I don’t know why,
but have had a great,
impact on the next one,
that I would be stepping on.

That you would find me waiting,
while all have finished,
their chores and gone,
to find that spot,
that special point,
where something,
that one visible,
to just me,
that I believe,
would change the course,
of the present track,
the recent work,
or whatever deed I am in.

Well, it would always,
seem so odd,
to many on the same path,
but that’s the only way,
I have lived my,
entire life till now>

with all the possible patience,
for that particular moment,
the only special point,
which I know,
could make me look different.