Poems by
John Thomas


a poem by John Thomas

Oh you daughter of hope,
Oh precious angel
Why do you sit in a corner and weep
When you should stretch your wings and fly?

Oh you cherub,oh caged bird
Folly was mine.
How could you fly when your wings are tied.

Oh you cruel men. Hypocrites you are
You who call her mother
Grab her freedom and confine her to
Dark prisons

Can’t you see the light in her eyes?
Don’t you see her struggling to break free?
Are you blind?

A women is like a lighted candle
Casting radiance all around
Use her if you want, but don’t misuse her.
Handle her with care or you will get burnt.

Take her to illuminate your darkness,
But don’t put her off, for she prefers
To give her light till her very end

Oh you mighty men
You may be strong yet
A women’s heart is something
With power you can’t get

Win her into your life
And like a precious stone adds beauty
To a crown she will beautify your life.
Take her, guard her, treasure her and keep her