Poems by
Jitender Tanikella

The Soldier

a poem by Jitender Tanikella

Bred to kill
Born to die
Feelings for none,
For my country
I clench my gun

Politicians will divide,
I be the one to severe
The life,
War they monger, to this day
For peace is shared alone,
Will I live to see the new light?
Their sins I will atone

Father, brother, son
Deaths knows no one
Fight I will, tonight
For my country
I clench my gun

Bullets will tear their flesh
Their blood I shall do one
I’ve been told
They are mistaken,
And so their life must be undone.
For my country
I clench my gun

Alone I stand,
The battlefield taken,
Another war done…
Begin the body count,
For my country
Alone I clench my gun

Rising from the dead,
My death within his head
Was it his father, brother or son?
For his country
He clenched his gun

My end near
My reason unclear,
Remember me when I’m gone
For my country
I clenched that gun.