Poems by
Jayita Sarkar

War, in the name of Peace

a poem by Jayita Sarkar

Turning the world tumultuous
It bathed mankind with scarlet blood;
It blinded the old, maimed the innocence and
Strangled humanity, lying open-eyed
In the dust- Dead.

We must stop it before the
Smoke and gunpowder chokes our lungs,
Before the acrid smell of rotting flesh
Nauseates us, before the soundlessness
Of death engulfs us.

Turning the world upside down we
Are in quest of peace, blasting
Shells in every corner we obliterate all
Threats of evil, taking up heavy weaponry
We gun down anything troubling our calm.

The global irony lies in this-
Now we make less
And more mar
As today in the name of
Peace we War.