Poems by
Jayati Chowdhury

Let us all die!

a poem by Jayati Chowdhury

Constipated thoughts
Of perplexed humanity
Vague philosophy
Of enslaved minds
Accuse each other
For mayhem rampant.
Humankind now
An endangered species
World, no more a haven
But an altar to sacrifice
The “taken” myriads in destructive dance.

Their heartless thoughts
Must beget profound grief
End of the day “mission accomplished”
With scars next to birthmarks
Sport bloody hands like medals.
Soul searching
Today’s redundant practice
Instituted belief
All that matters
Molds and sets aflame
Vehemence of youth
Alas! Our future is lost.

Stranded in this icy stony matrix
Where speech is volatile
And silence is a curse
Our existence in question
Then let us all die!
Perhaps subsequently
In the vast deserted graveyard
Peace will transpire…