Poems by
Janardhan L

My Guiding Star

a poem by Janardhan L

Its been so long!!… my dear
Its been so long and
I can hold it
not a while more

It’s the silence
that cuts the deepest
and its the solitude
that KILLS.

I wonder why?!
that you haven’t heard
my heart scream
and cry out for you.

I lay shattered
on a bed of thorns
Cold, frozen and

Its just the sweet memories
and the colourful dreams
that bring solace and comfort
to the wounded heart.

But Reality smirks!!!
Its just too far away
Dreams can be cheap
but regrets never are.

And all I need my dear
are those shoulders that
I can lean on and
Rejuvenate, the way I used to.

So what if it means
to take the brunt of a storm
I shall walk through
them all, cool and calm.

Should they stand tall
like the towering mountains
I’ll scale them my dear
for what’s life without hurdles…

When you will stand
by my side, like
the way you ought to… and be
My Guiding Star.