Poems by
Jamuna Parameswaran

Nature – A New Bride

a poem by Jamuna Parameswaran

She is always bedecked like a new bride,
sometimes shy, sometimes timid,
especially when her lover comes near,
That’s when spring touches her.

She flushes in hot anger, the very thought,
that she is forced to leave her family,
brings a rage and heat inside her,
God! she has to leave her loved ones,
That’s when summer touches her.

She sheds tears of sorrow and parting,
those familiar faces will be gone,
gone! those fun and laughter filled times
all her friends and near ones gone,
that’s when rain touches her.

She is cold when she enters her new household,
God knows, what is in store for her,
a chill of apprehension runs through her,
Will they love her? Will they accept her?
That’s when winter touches her.

Again she smiles, all is well again.
she again has fun and laughter,
now from her new family.
She becomes happy, bright and colourful.
Again spring has come back!

Yes! Yes! dear love nature! you are also a new bride
and a beautiful bride lie all of us,
and you too have your seasons.