Man and Horse

a poem by Jan Oskar Hansen

Crossing the massive pampas of Argentine
my mind shrunk to a walnut size
and my eyes were blinded by the vastness of the sky.
Suddenly a freezing blizzard came so cold
that the horse collapsed,
to save my own life
I split the horse open
hid in its cavity
resting my head on its still warm heart
and I fell asleep.
When I awoke a mild breeze was busy combing coarse grass,
the horse was nowhere to be seen
so I trotted slowly to my farm.
The front door was suddenly very small
and I got stuck in the kitchen.
My hired helpers, Eddie and George,
got me out of there, stabled and rubbed me down,
gave me a bucket of water.
“Bloody horse Eddie said,
thinks he owns the place.”