Poems by
Ipshita Sharma

To be Loved

a poem by Ipshita Sharma

Love is sacred, love is blind;
For me love is all in the mind.
Love is an emotion o so vast!
Over family and friends alike it is cast!
It binds us all like a spell,
Making them fly, who in it fell.
The master of all emotions it is,
Cannot be avoided, unaffordable to miss.
Love in paradise resides,
With a gentle hand everyone it guides.
Lovers live in their own world they say,
They live for the other… even after the dying day.
It captures the heart, it captivates the soul;
In everyone’s life it plays the leading role.
Parents love child, child loves back,
Of the feeling of togetherness there is never a lack
When love is present, enemies seldom arise,
Love makes us brave, love makes us wise.
Brother loves sister, husband loves wife,
This whole world of love is called life.