Poems by
Hrishikesh Amravatkar

Each Pulse

a poem by Hrishikesh Amravatkar

Heart beats with pulses infinite,
To carve the history of our life.

Golden days come blue days go,
But their fossiles remain so.

Life imitates the sea shore,
The footprints lasts for a while then scored.

Deeds both good and bad,
Makes our life happy and sad.

Dreams of goal are caught and missed,
With days so hot and night so chilled.

Do we really live our life,
With stress and strain to fight.

Everyone’s craving for happiness,
By the means making them sleepless.

So where are we,
What for.

We live here blind,
Is there a meaning of such a life.

Since we are made to live it,
Just live it with zeal and spirit.