Poems by
Hemant Gawande

Ode to Survival

a poem by Hemant Gawande

I journeyed from hades to heaven
But couldn’t develop the effrontery and brazen
Which keeps on changing with situation
And is always of a varied disposition
Someday it looks ‘joie de vivre’, the other day
It has different complexion
One day passes with boisterous bedlam
The next day encompasses peacefulness and calm
A day I feel on top of the world
The successive day I feel tame and flaccid
At times I feel plenty agog and conceited
The moment after, I feel downtrodden and forfeited
This is the basic drive of survival
In which individuals rise and fall
For they know not what their faults are
Whither they win whither they mar
Whether they are an imbecile or a sophist
Whether they are an ‘Alexander the Great’,
Of exhilarating extravaganza
Or a mere arty- crafty ‘Don Quixote of La Mancha’