Poems by
Havesh Nagarajan


a poem by Havesh Nagarajan

O! desire, O! desire,
Where do you come from?
From the skies, mountains,
Seas or oceans?

You have played havoc in the life of men
But men don’t seem to do without you
Men crave for you until you are there
But you seem to lead them nowhere?
Elusive as always you are…

For you hold their ‘secret of life’…
The secret called ‘peace of mind’
Which you never want to return,
Whilst man asks for it,

You lay tempting conditions,
Promising to return,
And man is back to square one,
Obeying your dictum again?

He comes back to you,
Yet not satisfied,
For all he wants is the ‘secret of life’
Which you hold,
Promising, promising,
To return…