Poems by
Gummadapu Narasimha Rao


a poem by Gummadapu Narasimha Rao

Anika! thy breath éclat bliss of Almighty
Elite glee dips grandees in bay of delight,
Kith and kin stun at thine angelic beauty,
Gifted kid thou of Ashok-Visali mighty.

Anika! thy face cuts cute crescent behold
Glances shower solace on hearts splendid,
Smiles console souls akin spring emerald
Witness thou woo dawn rose herald lucid.

Anika! thou, replica of lure Minerva deity,
Glazes thy posture of verve Venus beauty
Tend all, thou claim genial gains of amity,
That fetches adroit qualities, of tranquility.

Anika! thou must acquire elated erudition,
Parents thy aye impart Hi-Tech education,
Genes thine of yore era’s great generation
Spirits Five Ardent aid our apt motivation.

Akhilandeeswari, the Goddess of Power and also known as Anika in a precise form and that mighty nomenclature is named to the elite daughter of a newly married couple who live at Houston, US. The poet has got the opportunity to stay with that lured Hi-Tech pair while he has been attending the International Society of Poets’ Convention and Symposium at Orlando, Florida US. After his retuning to India, the poet is informed the blithe news that the twain is blessed with radiant daughter and has named Anika, so in that that happy mood, the poet has composed this poem describing the features and future of the kid.