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A real picture yet not painted

a poem by Godhasri

The picture of life which touched my heart
It was so real as I could feel the art
Initially it was me beside you holding your hand and leaning on your shoulder
Sitting on the sandy beach
Seeing the full moon during the night though it was becoming cooler
Many people around us watching the way we were
Enjoying our life
Their eyes were filled with surprise which was as sharp as a knife
Suddenly there was a change in the picture which contained only me
Neither you were there nor the people around me
Then only I realised one thing which made me very clear
No one seem to even care about my lamentation which they could hear
Life became very miserable as it did not have a place for you
All left was thoughts which were filled with lovely memories spent with you
All I lacked was your physical presence, the immense pleasure when I lean on you
Nothing seemed interesting to me except penning my thoughts about you
While I was undergoing this stress God gave me a boon
Then I felt that I was not alone as I was able to see you in the moon
Then the same old picture became very colourful
Now I don’t feel for anything as life became very beautiful