Poems by
Gangadevi T

Who are you?

a poem by Gangadevi T

“Absurd”, you told me pulling my hand
When to my life I was to put an end
About turned from the cape’s edge I looked downward
To feel all my burdens fly upward

And on a hartal day to my office
I enjoyed a speedy drive faster than wind
Opened the cage of dreams locked in the mind
Flew with them singing and dancing around
“Slow”, to my ears you murmured behind
The gear was changed lest it would have been the end

I screamed awake upon a midnight bad dream
My steamy tears couldn’t cool the fire
My shivering hands failed to wet my dry throat
My legs were confined to move any bit.
Suddenly you came with a moonlit smile
To wipe my tears kissed me cool cool and soft
Cracked and threw down my CDs of grief
And played for me “adipoly mukkabala”

I noticed my colleague friend stealing from store
Kept silent for fear of loosing friendship
From deep inside you echoed strong and clear
“Catch the thief he is to break the whole ship”

And when I made quarrels inside my nest
My husband and dear daughters sans supper slept
“You are the mistress to lighten the lamp”,
Guided you, “you have to melt the ice first”

The birds in the nest chirped rubbed cheek to cheek
A drizzling rain rushed down to join the mood
And to my lips slowly opened to smile,
Flowed in a tear drop that tasted sweet

Dear unseen who are you always near
Always vigilant to keep me vital
Paving the way for my joy and success
My friend…? God…? Or my own soul..?