Poems by
Francis Komban

In 1982

a poem by Francis Komban

Fourteenth February,
Crammed with pageantry,
Not due to Valentine’s Day;
It’s our wedding day:
A glorious day,
A red letter day.

Treesa nicknamed as Thangam:
Fondly called by her siblings and mom,
Entered my beleaguered life,
Breathed life into my life.
Truly a godsend,
For me to mend.

Her tete-a-tete refreshes;
To peals of laughter it leads;
For me, it’s all a lot witty,
Even without its nitty-gritty.
Her sheer presence, so mesmerizing,
Transports me to a world, so enticing.

Gossips are not her pastime,
Indulges in la-di-da no time;
Absolutely a true optimist,
Without a speck of a pessimist,
Sees opportunity in every difficulty,
However grave is the difficulty.

With a never-day-die spirit,
She works incessantly, a rare merit.
Flak, the least; praise the most
A unique trait- always uppermost
In her heart-strings, frank and candid-
Puts me on an up-beat mood, indeed.

She’s the goddess in the temple of my heart,
Showering passionate love with all her heart.
She’s my fortune; praise the Lord!
My rapturous delight; thank you Lord!
This nirvana’s gonna be miserable without her;
God forbid that anything should happen to her.