Poems by
Francis Komban


a poem by Francis Komban

From a quiet start,
To the zenith of ‘stardom’,
Rose my darling twins,
With lots of God’s graces.
What a meteoric rise!
Thanks, Lord, for guidance.

Industrious and intelligent,
Well-mannered and obedient,
Forthright and God-fearing,
Respectful but uncompromising
To ideals and ideologies…
Our endearing lassies
Who aren’t as like as two peas
Get on like a house on fire.

Often in the lime-light,
with accolades,
Laurels and
Our blue-eyed ‘girls’
Held their heads high,
Chanting a silent prayer:
“Mould us to be instruments
To make the world better
Through our humble efforts.”

Now on the eve
Of their ‘mega event’,
They’re raring to go.
But, miles and miles
They gotta go
On a road
Dusty and dark.
Guardian angels,
Lead them kindly
To destinations-
Free of fear,
Full of freedom-
Where they live long
In joy and peace.