Poems by
Ewing P J


a poem by Ewing P J

Searching deep inside looking
for the flaw, the error
what could cause this ubiquitous silence

Is this a growth step
or a death moving forward?
No, death I will not go, not yet
There is too much yet to give
A deep capacity to love
yet unveiled to the only one

Where is he? He must want the same
have equal desire
Aching, pressing his unconscious to
know her
Walking in his waking hours to catch
a glimpse of who she might be
sitting in the dark, imagining her whisper
smell of her, touch of her

Sitting among the evening sounds
of far off traffic, light breezes blowing
flutter of little wings near by
Each thing brings the senses close to
that deep love
It all has meaning, but no evidence

Will we meet along a lonely path
a busy street?
At the time, we will know
it will be natural and calm
full of knowledge yet to be revealed

So many people cross our path
but we know they are just crossing
Maybe next time, the paths will merge
become one- be the one